Risky Income

Today’s income brought to you by… other people’s money!  This is not a typical story, but none the less, I made $40 so I’ve got to share it.

A group of friends came into town and we went out dancing.  I wasn’t feeling the music so I decided to head next door to the casino.  My friend Mac* decided to come along to check it out.

The game tables were really crowded, so after taking a circle around the casino we decided we’d head back to the dance floor and try our luck a little later after the crowd dies down.  On our way out, we saw another friend Hugh* who had also decided to try his luck out at the casino.

Hugh was playing roulette and wasn’t having great luck.  As we were watching the wheel spin, he told us the man standing behind us had just lost $1,000 on 2 roulette turns!  Apparently, when the man had put his money down, he turned away from the table and said “I can’t look.”  Sure enough, he lost both rounds.  My personal philosophy is if you can’t watch it go, you shouldn’t be playing!

Hugh was down to his last $5 dollars.  He wanted to check out the craps table as he’s never played.  It’s my preferred game of choice.  I told him we should just take his last $5 dollars over there, but he felt it was “only $5” so he might as well finish losing it at the roulette wheel.  I said he should place it on black, and we won!  So we doubled his $5 and now we’ve got $10 to play with.

I explain the craps rules (to the best of my ability) to the two guys when we get to the table and Hugh asked what I was going to bet on with his money.  I asked if he was sure, because I could lose it, and he said “Yes!  Go ahead.”  So I put it down on 10.  Right away, it hits!  Now we’re in the game.  Shortly thereafter, we won on the 5 and Mac had to get in on the game as well.  There was this energy at the table and we felt hot!  He gave me $20 to play with.  We’re on a winning streak.  The money grows and grows.

A few minutes later, Hugh asks if it would be okay for us to stop.  I didn’t want to as we were doing well, but, my rule has always been if my partners ask to quit, we quit.  We walked away a happy team, 3 hands full of chips.

We cashed out the chips.  Hugh’s $5 turned into $66, a 1,220% return! Mac’s $20 turned into $80, a 300% return!  We won a total of $121 in less than 20 minutes.

The best part???  I got to share in the winnings.  Both guys gave me $20 each so I walked away $40 heavier in my pocket.  Is this not the best part of successfully using other people’s money?


P.S. Please do not go to the casino and think that you’ll win money or that gambling is a source of income.  Make sure you can afford to lose the money you’ll be gambling with and treat the casino as a source of entertainment!

*Names changed to protect identity

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