Are you digital?

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Last week I sat with a group of colleagues and had the pleasure of discovering the mind of an industry leader on how “Digital” is now changing the industrial business space. The interactive dialog centered on how we can become part of this digital wave.

In the sense that Facebook, Amazon, and Google has revolutionized our personal way of life by providing connection, product, and data in the blink of an eye, industrial companies are looking to make the same impact by digitally transforming their businesses to predict customers’ needs. The successful execution of this transformation has the potential to add billions in revenue to a company.

The economic upside of “Going Digital” now becomes THE business priority, which means digital needs to be part of our job. It’s not an IT function. Phones and faxes are a thing of the past. Be part of the 21st century! Learn to work your computer, telepresence, and be able to troubleshoot without IT help-desk. Figure out how you can use technology to simplify and advance the productivity in your life.

When asked what this leader focuses on in hiring new employees, he swiftly responded “Tech Savvy.” Being able to extract and manipulate large sets of data to provide analytical trends and increase business value. Few people understands how to leverage the full technological capabilities of the systems they are on, but each new generation becomes more advanced. This is the industry shift.

Failure is another opportunity for growth!

Embrace the digital revolution. This is the best time to try and test out your ideas. Know that there’ll be multiple iterations before landing on a successful business model, and that’s OK!

Where do we start? Make sure your personal life is digital. Are you mobile banking? Using video chats? Our personal digital exposure is way more advanced than the industrial digital world. Having a fully digital personal life helps you understand the connectivity that can be translated into your current role.

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